These are Project PEARLS grade school, high school and college scholars from Bulacan, Manila and Zamboanga Sibugay. These are not your ordinary scholars; these are scholars who are determined to rise out of poverty! These are scholars who we believe will be responsible and compassionate leaders. These are the future of Philippines whose vote you […]

Moving Up and Recognition Day of Pearls Scholars in Batia, Bulacan


  March 17, 2018 Saturday | Batia, Bulacan, Philippines     Philippine National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal once said that the youth is the hope of our country. They are the one who will bring our country into a brighter future. The question is, how? We, in Project Pearls, strongly believe that one of the […]

LitClub Updates: Zamboanga Sibugay – Expressing Confidence


March 17, 2018 | Saturday Zamboanga Sibugay     Our LitClub members in Zamboanga Sibugay discussed “expressing confidence” through journal writing and singing a story. In this activity, members answered the question, ‘What is one thing that they really like about themselves?’ They expressed it through words and drawings on their journals.     After […]

Story-telling Day


  Project Pearls After School Program March 11, 2018 | Sunday Helping Land, Tondo, Manila, Philippines   “Stories create community, enable us to see through the eyes of other people, and open us to the claims of others.” – Peter Forbes, photographer and author     We took a break from our regular scheduled lessons […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day


Project Pearls Brain Booster March 10, 2018 | Saturday Helping Land, Tondo, Manila, Philippines   “I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint – and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it […]

LitClub Updates: LitClub Zamboanga Discussing Confidence


February 24, 2018 Saturday | Zamboanga Sibugay   Our Zamboanga Sibugay LitClub members had an exciting list of activities for the week:   ~ Discussing Confidence: Taking a Stand. In this activity, LitClub members were asked to advocate for something they believe in. Members shared their thoughts of what was one moment this week when […]

Basic Photography Lesson for HOPE Youth Members


Batia, Bocaue, Bulacan, Philippines February 17, 2018 | Saturday   For this day at our PEARLS Learning Center in Batia, Bulacan, our HOPE youth members hosted a “Basic Photography Workshop”.   About our HOPE Youth Members: In 2017, three girls from Bulacan joined the HerStory Summit in New York in which they shared their stories […]

Flowery Chinese Lanterns


    ­­­­Project Pearls Brain Booster February 24, 2018 Saturday Helping Land, Tondo, Manila, Philippines     For this week’s Brain Booster in Helping Land, kids made colorful paper Chinese lanterns with paper flowers as the designs. This is in observance of the recent celebration of Lunar New Year and the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio. […]



Let’s all meet Michelle Angeli Dela Peña.     She’s a volunteer of Project Pearls for more than 5 years already and still counting.  Here’s a short text from her on why she volunteers and what is volunteerism for her.   “I volunteer because I saw that there are a lot of people needing help. […]

Valentine’s Day at Helping Land


  Project Pearls Brain Booster February 10, 2018 Saturday Helping Land, Tondo, Manila, Philippines   “Valentine. Is the day of love. Many ways to express affection to the people we love. By way of giving a gift that is definitely synonymous with words of love and romantic. Gifts do not have to be very expensive.” […]

Aya’s Birthday Celebration at Jollibee and Museo Pambata


February 3, 2018 Saturday Luneta, Manila, Philippines     “A lot of people ask me why I do it and my answer is simple — it makes me happy.” -Hilary Anne Diaz, Project Pearls Volunteer since 2015     Hilary, aka Ate Aya, had her third annual birthday celebration with the kids of Helping Land! […]

Festival Inspired Artwork


  Project Pearls Brain Booster January 20, 2018 | Saturday Helping Land, Tondo, Manila   Let’s go festive for this day’s Brain Booster Activity!   Aside from inspiring creativity, our program aims to give kids a deeper appreciation of Filipino Culture. Different festivals all over the country are colorful, joyous and being celebrated by everyone. […]