Health Care and Nutrition

Hunger Relief Program
One of our core programs is our Feeding Program. We believe that this is the first step in helping a community in need. Our goal is to provide at least one healthy meal in a day for children.

Even before the pandemic, we serve meals every day in Tondo as part of the Feed the Tummy, Nourish the Mind program. When the crisis broke out, we continued providing daily breakfast to ensure that children and families have at least one healthy meal a day. We also started a five-times-a-week Hunger Relief Program in our communities in Bulacan and Cavite. In total, we serve more than 9,000 meals in three communities every week.

PEARLS Health Clinic & Financial Assistance for Medical & Emergency Needs
For families living in poverty, simple illnesses such as diarrhea, colds, and cough can become serious because of their inability to buy medicines and to access free health care services. To address this, we opened a Health Clinic in Tondo in 2016 to provide free over-the-counter medicines and other medicines prescribed by their doctors. We also provide other medical needs and multivitamins for children, elderly adults in the communities we serve

Medical & Dental Missions
We partner with medical and dental organizations to bring much-needed services to the community. We also conduct seminars such as family planning, reproductive health, and nutrition education to help families make informed decisions about their health.

To sponsor a Hunger Relief Program, partner with us to help with their medical needs, or conduct medical and dental mission once the pandemic restrictions eases, e-mail us at [email protected]

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