Empowerment through Skills Development

This is also our core program because besides addressing the issue of hunger and access to education, we also aim to develop the child’s full potential. This is why they should be given access to different kinds of opportunities that can hone their skills, talents, self-confidence, and values.

Special Workshops, Training, Educational Trips, and Webinars

Learning is not confined within the four walls of the classroom. To develop a child’s full potential, we partner with different organizations and individuals to provide them with special workshops, summits, and educational field trips. We are looking for kind individuals, groups, and more who want to inspire children and youth with their unique ideas. It can range from leadership summits to workshops that tackle subjects such as programming or important social issues such as reproductive health.

Due to the pandemic crisis, physical events and activities are still not possible. But you can still help! If you would like to organize virtual workshops and training that can help them still reach their full potential, just shoot us an email at [email protected]

GROW: Giving Resources and Opportunities to Women

We also aim to empower the parents, especially women, with skills and knowledge that they can use in making a positive difference in their lives. In 2019, we launched a livelihood program for the women in Brgy. Batia. Bocaue, Bulacan. GROW was created to address poverty and the lack of job skills and livelihood opportunities in the community. The program creates a positive impact on the environment because most of the products that they make are from upcycled materials. Aside from teaching them livelihood skills, GROW is also focused on nurturing and empowering girls to be educated, safe, and healthy. GROW believes that empowered women empower women.

Urban Gardening Project

in partnership with AGREA, and the Department of Agriculture

During the height of the community quarantines, many families are more worried that they will die from hunger, and not from the virus. The work closures have affected their sources of income and the lockdowns have limited their mobility and access to food supplies. To help the families have a sustainable food source, we distributed urban gardening kits. In partnership with AGREA Foundation, 200 families in Naic, Cavite received grow-at-home kits that include vegetable seeds and other gardening tools. We also partnered with the Department of Agriculture (Agriculture Training Institute) to provide 600 urban gardening kits for the families in Bocaue, Bulacan, and Naic, Cavite. These partnerships empowered the families to grow their own food and to have food security even in the midst of the pandemic.

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