Because of the continuing spread and concerns with the deadly Coronavirus, Project PEARLS has implemented precautions to protect the children we serve. These precautions include excluding any volunteers from service who have recently traveled to China, Macau and Hongkong or have had significant contact with anyone from the countries mentioned over the past 14 days. This exclusion period relates to the incubation period currently recognized by the WHO and US CDC. 
We are working hard to focus on improving hygiene and medical services for the children and families receiving assistance from Project PEARLS. We are also working to implement additional procedures and policies to avert possible contraction of the Coronavirus in the communities we serve. We ask for your understanding during this Coronavirus emergency.
Anyone with runny nose, coughing, sore throat, fever is also not allowed to attend any of Project PEARLS activities.

Thank you for your interest to volunteer!  We ask all volunteers to first read our Child Protection Policy and Volunteering Guidelines before signing up.

Volunteer For Outreach Activities in Manila:

If you are interested in joining our outreach activities in Helping Land (Tondo, Manila) on a Saturday morning, please check our Calendar of Events first for availability of the dates. We limit the number of volunteers and guests every Saturday in order to be more effective and efficient and at the same time to give respect to the community.

8:00 am – 9:30 am – Daily Soup Kitchen | Reading and Toy Library

8 am – 10:00 am – Feeding and Brain Booster

8 am – 11 am – After School Program

Please note that by signing up, you already read, reviewed and agreed to our Child Protection Policy and Volunteer Guidelines; and that you confirmed that you didn’t travel to China within this January 2020.

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