We partnered with LitWorld, an international non-profit advocating for and working towards global literacy and we adopted their LitClub, a literacy club for girls and boys.

LitClubs and LitCamps provide young people with engaging and productive literacy experiences during critical out-of-school time.

LitWorld’s revolutionary LitClubs and LitCamps cultivate social-emotional development by building resilience and literacy skills together. Guided by LitWorld’s “7 Strengths” – Belonging, Curiosity, Friendship, Kindness, Confidence, Courage, and Hope – trained mentors create safe and supportive communities where children learn to value their own and others’ stories, become powerful readers, and use literature as a guide as they learn to navigate their lives and tell their own stories.

Each LitClub serves 10-15 girls or boys, bringing members together once a week for two hours after school for joyful learning, creative play, and social interaction. LitCamps are the full day complementary program that run during school breaks. While LitClubs focus on ages 10-14, LitCamp has a multi-age structure that reaches younger children, getting them excited to join LitClubs and ready for school. We place older LitClub members and LitClub graduates in leadership roles as junior mentors and reading role models.

LitClubs and LitCamps result in a dramatic increase in children’s reading and writing capacities, civic engagement, future outlook, and sense of personal value, as well as a positive change in overall literacy levels and reading and writing habits of all community members. Our programs cultivate deeply developed mentor relationships and strong support networks that build towards successful futures. LitClubs and LitCamps are run by local leaders in 15 countries and reach over 3,500 children annually.


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