MassKara Day!


Project Pearls Brain Booster

October 27,2018 | Saturday

Helping Land, Tondo, Manila, Philippines


It was ‘Masskara’ Day for this happy Saturday morning  in Helping Land, Tondo!

But before our colorful Brain Booster activity happened, the kids had their breakfast of a hearty and nutritious meal first.

Thank you volunteers for all the assistance needed!


The MassKara Festival  is an annual festival held every fourth Sunday of October in the province of Bacolod, Philippines.

The word “Masskara” means “A Multitude of Faces”. It came from the words ‘Mass’ that means multitude of people and ‘Cara’ which refers to face. The word is also a pun on maskara, a Filipino word for mask. Masks are the prominent feature of the festival and are always adorned with smiling faces, giving rise to Bacolod being called the “City of Smiles”.


Volunteers assisted the kids on making their own glittery, feathery and colorful masks.


Thank you so much Ana Constantino for sponsoring today’s feeding and thank you so much to all our volunteers for this happy Saturday morning!

Thank you also to Regi and Sean Antoinette for all the clothes donation!

Photos by: Ron Jason Pascual

Math Time with UPS!


Project Pearls After School Program

October 14, 2018 | Sunday

Helping Land, Tondo, Manila, Philippines


Our Math lessons for the Project Pearls After School Program is still on-going. By the end of November and after tackling all these 10 lessons, we will have a post-test to measure the improvement of our PEARLS scholars.


We deeply thank UPS for sponsoring this day’s feeding and for being our volunteers as well for today!

Loot bags with cupcakes and candies were also given to the kids as take away gifts before they all went home.

After the feeding of more than 300 kids, our PEARLS scholars properly fell in line outside for the ASP tutorial session.

Volunteers were briefed by our ASP coordinator, Jedda Punzalan about today’s lesson and what will be the flow of this program.

Afterwards, volunteers were then designated per grade level that they will going to teach.

When our scholars entered the courtyard again, it was an hour of knowledge-sharing, a little bit of fun and harmonious teacher-student relationship that had passed.


Thank you so much UPS for sponsoring today’s food, learning and fun! And thank you to all our volunteer-teachers! We salute each one of you!


We hope that aside from the knowledge we have shared to the kids, we also inspired them to strive more on becoming better not only at school but to their community and to their families as well.


Origami Day with Ogilvy and Mather Philippines

Project Pearls Brain Booster

Oct. 13, 2018 | Saturday

Helping Land, Tondo, Manila, Philippines



For this day’s Feeding and Brain Booster activity, it was sponsored and lead by our friends from Ogilvy & Mather Philippines! Aside from sponsoring this day’s feeding, thank you so much for being with us this Saturday morning!

The day started with the feeding of kids.


And then it was followed by this day’s Brain Booster. We had an Origami-making activity.

As we know, Origami is a Japanese Art of folding papers to create different shapes and imitating common things or animals.

Our volunteers from Ogilvy lead the Origami session wherein they taught the kids how to make a jumping frog!

After the different colored papers were turned into frogs, a volunteer still from Ogilvy had a story-telling time for our youngsters!


The story was about a frog who kept on jumping until he escaped a deep well. He didn’t listen to the other frogs who tried to stopped and discouraged him from jumping simply because he was a deaf frog.

The moral of the story that kids learned was that no matter how hard life can get and problems may occur along the way, we should never stop aiming for success.

We shouldn’t listen to people who only brings us down and we should just continue to believe in our self that we can make it.

Before the kids went home, they brought out cupcakes and pre-loved clothes care of Ms. January and Mr. & Mrs. Brandenburg.

Thank you so much to all our sponsors, donors and volunteers! It was another day of learning and fun!




Photos by: Sidney Snoeck

To view more of our photos for this outreach, please visit our official Facebook page.


A Day with LBC Foundation Team and The Worldship Orchestra!


Sept. 8, 2018 | Saturday

San Pablo Apostol Parish, Tondo, Manila, Philippines


“Grandparents make the world a little softer, a little kinder, a little warmer.”


As we celebrate this year’s World Grandparents Day on September 9th, our Brain Booster for this day was card-making for our Lolos and Lolas!

Kids give thanks to their grandparents by creating recognition letters and cards.

We also have some lolas for the feeding and their grandchildren gave some special gifts for them.




This day’s outreach was held at the San Pablo Parish Church as we had special guests!

They are the LBC Foundation who sponsored the feeding and the Worldship Orchestra from Japan for a mini-concert just for us!

Thank you Oggie Cayetano with the Tondo Chamber Orchestra for making this wonderful concert possible. Everyone was amazed and  had so much fun listening to the different musical instruments played.


Thank you also to Miss Nena Wuthrich and team for sponsoring the feeding and activities.

Thank you so much to all our guests and volunteers for being with us for this day!

Thank you as well to Olivia McBride and Daren Store for all the donations of clothes.


Our kids and lolas had a wonderful Saturday morning!




Photos by: Sidney Snoeck


Project Pearls 8th Anniversary!


Back to Back Celebration

Batia, Bulacan and Helping Land, Tondo, Manila

August 18 and 19, 2018




Eight years of giving PEARLS.

Eight years of success stories.

Eight years of hopeful stories.

Eight years of laughter, smiles and happy tears.


Eight years of giving help to those in need.

Eight years of providing food to feed

Eight years and we are still counting

Eight years or more, we’ll never stop poverty breaking.



These two-day celebrations of our PEARLS 8th Anniversary would not be possible without the help and support of numerous kindhearted people.

We deeply thank all our sponsors, partners and donors for being one with our mission and that is, ‘breaking the cycle of poverty’.

We are also thankful to all our staffs and volunteers since Day 1 Project Pearls was established and up to present.

We also give thanks to our Founder, Melissa Villa for spearheading and leading the mission all throughout these years.

To all our hopeful youths, children and scholars, thank you for being our inspiration to go on.

Project PEARLS is not just a non-profit organization; it is a family.

And for this remarkable weekend, we came home to celebrate as a family.

Batia, Bulacan and Helping Land, Tondo in Manila are our main adopted community and we will always be grateful to happily spend a day with the families we are helping.


The Day 1. August 18, 2018. Saturday. Batia, Bulacan.

Our celebration in Batia, Bulacan started with a prayer along with a doxology of our Kinder Scholars! Such cuties!


Singing the National Anthem was then followed and a Welcome Speech by one of our volunteers and board members, Ate Lut Vallefas.


Thank you Ate Lut for the heartwarming speech and for being around Project Pearls through the years.

The next few parts were dance presentations by our Scholars, LitClub Members and LitMoms.



Thank you so much to all our performers for being the highlights of our celebration. We were glad and blessed that we have a very active, talented and cooperative community!

For our feeding part, thank you Bacolod Chicken Inasal for the barbeque and to ate Ludy, one of our community volunteers for cooking a very yummy pancit for all!


We also had some distributions of clothes, Koko Crunch chocolate cereal bar, apples and more for the families before they went home. Thank you so much to all our donors!


Thank you as well to all our volunteers for this day for letting the whole program be smooth flowed!



The Day 2. August 19, 2018. Sunday. Helping Land, Tondo, Manila.

For our celebration in Helping Land, Tondo the following day, we would like to thank all the volunteers, families and kids who joined with us.

It was a day of laughter, smiles and gratefulness.

Before the program proper started, we had the feeding of children and elderly first.

Thank you for the warmest and kindest assistance of our dear volunteers that we were able to have a smooth-flowed feeding activity!

Just like in Batia, we had some performances from our community volunteers, scholars and LitClub members.

Thank you everyone for the entertainment!

And thank you to all our volunteers!


We would also like to thank the following sponsors:

  • Sherril Salangsang, Olivia McBride and friends for all the clothes distributed to the families in Batia, Bulacan.
  • January Kanindo for the cupcakes distributed in Helping Land, Tondo.
  • Bacolod Chicken Inasal for the food both in Bulacan and Tondo.
  • Anonymous Donors for the Koko Krunch bars.
  • Elizabeth Llamera for the Hygiene Kits.
  • RFM Corporation for the packs of spaghetti distributed both in Bulacan and Tondo.

Thank you so much to all our generous donors!

This anniversary is not only for the organization itself but for everyone – most specially for the children and families in need.

Happy 8th anniversary to everyone behind Project Pearls!

And we aim to count more years of giving and sharing.

We believe that more success stories will be shared in the coming years.

We dream that no child will ever go hungry again and everyone who’s deserving can go to school.

This kind of dream is obviously impossible but here we are, trying and doing our best in breaking the most impossible dream. The closest thing in aiming this most impossible goal is by doing something, even one tiny little steps at a time.


“Nothing is impossible. Even the word itself says, “I’m Possible!”

-Audrey Hepburn


Photos by: Sidney Snoeck and Rita Dela Cruz (Thank you!)

Project Pearls’ Guimaras Outreach with the Memory Project


July 19-21, 2018

Guimaras, Philippines




For the past years, Project Pearls has been reaching out to the kids of Guimaras.

In 2016, we had the Cassie’s Bag of Dreams wherein hundreds of kids had their school backpacks with school supplies.

And then just last year, we had the PEARLS Christmas Toy Drive event wherein we gave toys for the kids.

Last July 19 and 20, 2018 – we were back in Guimaras and this time was in partnership with the Memory Project.

The Memory Project is a US-based charitable nonprofit organization that invites art teachers and their students to create and donate portraits to youth around the world who have faced substantial challenges, such as violence, disasters, extreme poverty, neglect, and loss of parents.

This organization wants the portraits that they donate to help the children feel valued. And also, to let them know that many people care about their well-being and provide them meaningful pieces of personal history in the future.

Photos of children were then sent to the United States for Memory Project to distribute to different artists. Afterwards, kids will be receiving their own photographs together with the beautiful portraits created by the artists. Each kid received a set of 4 portraits with various themes and designs, and a letter made with love by the artists. Most of these kids do not have the luxury of having a painted portrait that can be displayed in their homes. So through this lovely project, kids will be able to smile through their own smiles! It was such a joy seeing the kids holding their own portraits.

Their smiles are all better upon receiving their smiling portraits.


Day 1 at Dasal Elementary School.

The team’s first stop was the Dasal Elementary School, few years ago, this humble school became the beneficiary of Cassie’s Bag of Dreams and Pearls Christmas’ Toy Drive.

The said school’s students, teachers and parents warmly welcomed us and it was so overwhelming.

This learning place has so much hospitality for us.



There was a short program held for us, too! The kids presented a dance performance for us and ‘Welcome and Thank You’ cards created by the students were given to us. And those precious gifts really melted our hearts.

We then proceeded with our main objective of the visit – the taking of photographs of almost 200 students. We first explained to them what Memory Project means and what were we going to do for this day.

After that, taking of pictures were then facilitated.

We also gave snacks for the kids after they were photographed.

We will surely be back here bringing their portraits!



Day 2 at Ayangan Elementary School.

The following day, our next destination was the Ayangan Elementary School still in the province of Guimaras.

And just like at Dasal Elementary School, this primary school of Ayangan also warmly welcomed us!


It was team’s first time to visit this school so we introduced ourselves, explained about Project Pearls and the Memory Project as well.


We then also briefed them of what would be today’s main activity and that was the taking of pictures of these wonderful 150 students for the Memory Project.

After each kid’s photo was taken, we gave them snacks and they were grateful on the simple gifts that we brought for them.

We would also love to be back here bringing their portraits!


This two-day trip in Guimaras was really worth it.


This Land of the Sweet Mangoes never fails to amaze us. A wonderful island indeed! Strong waves wouldn’t stop us on going back here bringing P.E.A.R.L.S. to every child in need.

We deeply thank all the teachers, students and parents who warmly welcomed us with great smiles and so much gratitude as well. This keeps us going.

See you soon!


Community Immersion in Tarlac

July 7-8, 2018

Barangay O’donell, Capas, Tarlac


Two non-profit organizations merged and had one goal…

Color the world with hope and love. This is the goal of our first organization. Project Bahaghari (Bahaghari means rainbow) is committed to demonstrate God’s love and compassion to the children, youth and elderly especially to those living in isolated areas through different programs and activities. Project Bahaghari volunteers usually visit and immerse on communities with indigenous people to give collected donations. This is a small group with youth members and was founded last March 22, 2014.

Project Pearls was founded way back on August 2010.  It started as a small NGO with only a handful of volunteers, with the aim of helping the poorest of the poor family in the Philippines. Through a Manila-based Belgian photo journalist Sidney Snoeck, Melissa was introduced to a charcoal community in Manila. Families here were living in extreme poverty and this was the first community that Project Pearls helped and supported.

Eight years later, it is now expanded with numerous volunteers, donors, sponsors and partners. This organization also now supporting hundreds of scholars in Bulacan, Manila and Zamboanga. Aside from that, everyday feeding for hundreds of kids in Tondo, Manila is maintained. Project PEARLS means Peace, Education, Aspiration, Respect, Love and Smiles – these are the things that this organization wanted to give through education, empowerment, nutrition, nourishment and healthcare.

These two NGO collaborated for a two-day immersion at an Aeta Community in Capas, Tarlac with the goal of reaching out to these wonderful indigenous people of Sitio Manabayukan.

The said community compose of almost a hundred family.

Both organizations brought some smiles and love in the form of shared time and donations for these families.

Aside from these, Project Pearls was in partnership by another international NGO which is the Memory Project.

Memory Project’s aim was to give kids their portraits to make them happy. Their priceless reactions are these NGO’s strength and will to give every child a happy childhood memory.


Day 0. The Buying of Goods

The journey of this two-day immersion started with the buying of goods. We had some volunteers who bought the needed goods for donation and food for volunteers.

We bought the following a day before our outreach date.

These are donations and gifts care of Project Bahaghari that were bought:

  • Boxes of Noodles
  • Sacks of Rice
  • Boxes of Sardines
  • Prizes for the games
  • Ingredients for the feeding program

Money used for these were the excess funds from the previous immersion last Christmas.


And then these are the donations and gifts care of Project Bahaghari that were bought:

  • Boxes of Cupcakes
  • Boxes of Tetra packed juice
  • Boxes of Biscuits
  • Lollipops


Thank you so much to our dedicated volunteers who took time to go to grocery a day before our immersion.


Aside from these goods, there were also in-kind donations from different individuals and groups such as Alaska powdered milk, pre-loved clothes, shoes, slippers, toys, school supplies and toiletries.


Day 1. First Day of Immersion

Meet up time was at 3 in the morning at the Project Pearls Headquarters. When everyone’s already at the assembly venue, donations were loaded on the two vehicles that will be used.

At four a.m., we’re off to Barangay O’Donell, Capas, Tarlac.

After almost three hours, we reached the house of the Barangay Captain of O’Donell. Thank you so much to Kap Wendel Mercado for accommodating and assisting us.

From Kap’s house, we rented four units of 4X4 vehicles that will take us and all our goods to the mountains of Sitio Manabayukan.


It was an hour of bumpy ride due to rough road.


Upon reaching Sitio Manabayukan, all smiles and waves from the people living there welcomed us.

We assembled and settled on the community’s elementary school and this will serve as our base camp for an overnight stay.

After a brief orientation and assigning of things to do per volunteer, everyone became busy.

Some prepared the food, while some went to the church to repack the donated goods and getting ready for the program proper for the kids.

After all the prepping, the whole team ate for lunch and then we’re ready!

Kids and adults fell in line as claiming stubs for all the gifts were distributed.


Then our program proper started.

While we are having the games, volunteers for the Memory Project were also conducting the taking of pictures of 150 kids. Games and picture-taking were happening simultaneously in two hours.


After that happy two hours, we then properly distributed all the gifts for them.

Each volunteer has an assigned station that families will have to stop by to get the goods.

The following stops were for:

  • Pre-loved clothes, shoes, slippers, bags
  • Toys and Legos for kids
  • Grocery packs (Rice, Noodles, Sardines, Alaska powdered milk)
  • School Supplies
  • Toiletries
  • Rice meal (for feeding)



We hope that they were all happy like us!


At four in the afternoon, we were already done for today’s program! The whole team then went to the river to have some bath time and bonding time as well.

Kids even accompanied us!


Before the sun went down, we were back to our ‘base camp’ and dried up.

While some of the volunteers preparing for dinner, others conducted an interview of families.

Each pair must interview at least four families.

Through this activity, we were able to really immerse with this community. We’ve got to know their personal stories, way of life, struggles and dreams. We felt closer to them.

Then we had our dinner.

After dinner, we had a film showing inside the classroom through a laptop and mini-projector powered by batteries. This community has no electricity and most of them were grateful to us because they have experience watching a film!

We were also glad as we gave them simple joy.

After the film showing was the end of our Day 1.


Day 2. Second Day on Another Community.

After we had our breakfast, we headed to the second community that the Memory Project will took place.

It was at Sitio Binayayan – an hour away from Sitio Manabayukan. This community is nearer the downtown than Sitio Manabayukan.

More than 150 kids were given grocery packs, school supplies and toys after their picture-taking.


The team had lunch after the event and then we’re back at Kap’s house as our vehicle that will take us home were waiting for us there.

We then had a debriefing at NLEX McDonalds. In here, while eating for merienda, each volunteer shared their realizations of the entire trip and everyone attentively listened with each other.

Each one also had the chance to commend their co-volunteers, specially those who stood out for them as best volunteers.

Everyone was grateful, simply happy, hopeful and inspired.

We were tired but surely each one has inspiring stories to tell.

We deeply thank all our 16 volunteers who joined us for this immersion:


Alaine Montemayor

Albert Dayego

Arish Regaspi

Christian Pascua

Danielle Celones

Emily Sagun

Hilary Diaz

Jayr Panagsagan

Jedda Punzalan

Kleo Sanghio

Karen Beblanas

Mitos Penaverde

Monica Aclan

Ron Jason Pascual

Valeria Fabila

Vince Razalan


Special thanks to:

Melissa Villa, founder of Project Pearls for allowing this to happen.

All our donors, partners and sponsors.

Kap Wendel Mercado and family for the hospitality, warm welcome and assistance.

Our drivers, thank you for keeping us safe.


We will surely be back on these communities bringing another set of happiness that they all simply deserve!





We believe that our high school scholars both from Tondo, Manila and Batia, Bulacan had a remarkable summer for this year.

Why we thought of that?

It’s because they had a series of College Campus Tour! It was literally an educational tour for them.

This summer project was an initiative of our After School Program (ASP) team with the aim of inspiring and motivating our scholars to pursue a higher education and get college degrees.

Our scholars went to various universities such as University of Sto. Tomas, Far Eastern University (Tech), University of the Philippines, San Juan De Letran and Mapua University.


First Wave of Tour at the University of Sto. Tomas and Far Eastern University (Tech).

The first campus tour happened last May 11, 2018. Our high scholars from Tondo, Manila and Bulacan were all so excited to see and discover what a college campus looks like. Some of our ASP core members and community volunteers accompanied them.


At 8 in the morning, the group’s first stop was at the University of Sto. Tomas in Manila.


UST officers warmly welcomed our scholars and volunteers.


IMG_5638  IMG_5640


They first had a short orientation and discussion of history of the said school.

Scholarship offered was also discussed.


Then they had a tour around the university and the school’s museum as well.





After lunch time, the whole group proceeded at the Far Eastern University (Institute of Technology).

IMG_5858 IMG_5870 IMG_5873


A brief orientation was also held at the school’s auditorium and then followed by a building tour.

IMG_5854 IMG_5859


It was a very inspiring day for our scholars as they were able to meet new people and learned new things.


We deeply thank UST and FEU for accommodating our scholars!




The Second Wave. University of the Philippines – Diliman.



It was on the 30th of May 2018 when our high school scholars from Bulacan and Tondo, Manila had a Campus Tour at University of the Philippines-Diliman.




Special thanks to our very own Project Pearls’ Programs Manager Monica Aclan, also a UP graduate, for leading and hosting today’s University tour, together with our After School Program volunteers.

IMG_6684 IMG_6688 IMG_6695



This tour would not also be possible without the valuable assistance of Prof. Tex Gabo from CSWCD, and Ms. Merselle Montes from Bulwagan ng Dangal.

We are also very grateful to Prof. Toym Imao for giving our scholars an inspiring and eye-opening tour of his exhibit, “Super Robot – Suffer Reboot”.

IMG_6704 IMG_6713 IMG_6717 IMG_6718 IMG_6720 IMG_6722


Our scholars are definitely getting more excited for college!



The Last Wave. Colegio De San Juan De Letran and Mapua University in Manila.





And then last June 30, 2018 we had the third and last wave of our Campus Tour for our high school scholars this year.

Our scholars from Helping Land, Tondo and Batia, Bulacan enjoyed this day’s campus tours which both can be found inside the well-known and historical Intramuros, Manila.

The first stop was the Colegio De San Juan De Letran.


We deeply thank Ms. Grace Bernadette Tee, the Community Organizer of Letran under Center for Community Development for accommodating our scholars and volunteers.

Thank you so much Sir Carlo from Office of the Alumni for leading the orientation, courses and scholarship offered.



Thank you also to Ms. Margaret Bueno, alumna of Letran BS Education Major in Mathematics for the inspirational message.



And then for the afternoon trip, our scholars went to Mapua University.


Thank you so much Ms. Katrina Mae Lantin, the Admissions Officer of Mapua for the warm welcome and accommodation.

We also thank Ms. Jennica Gidoc, the Mapua Career and Information Officer for leading the orientation, courses offered and scholarships.

IMG_8455 IMG_8451


We also deeply thanked all our community volunteers aka volunteer nanays and ASP core team for accompanying our scholars all throughout the series of our tours.

We can guarantee that our aim which was to motivate and inspire our scholars to continue their education and to dream higher was really attained!

Help us build their futures and let’s be the bridge to their dreams.


To sponsor a scholar, click here:


Thank you so much Wilma Divine Dimailig, one of our ASP core members for all the great photos!




MY NEW YORK TRIP with HerStory


March 2017 and March 2018

Written by: Lilibeth Sucion


If my life were a book, my entire trip to New York would be one of its most exciting chapters. I consider this trip as one of my life’s most precious treasures and – even a few months later – my heart continues to be overwhelmed with gratitude for my few days and nights in New York City. During my entire stay there, countless smiles and greetings such as Good morning! and Have a nice day! welcomed me every day by different wonderful girls from all over the world.



During the Global HerStory Summit last March 2017, we participated in thrilling activities! We also had the opportunity to have fun exploring the city and see its breathtaking views. Even though the weather was cold, I had a great time enjoying the snow.





Last March 2018, I was again given the opportunity to be a part of the HerStory and UN- Commission on the Status of Women (UN-CSW62) event. We showcased our community action plans together with Kenya and Nepal HerStory delegates. I was glad to meet my friend Mordecai Thomas again whom I became close to from last year’s HerStory Summit. Mordecai is from Kenya. She has grown a lot and became more beautiful! We spent time together getting ready for our presentations for our so-called “big day,” at the UN-CSW event. We also had an event with ambassadors from different countries. It was truly unforgettable.



Not only did I enjoy reconnecting with Mordecai, I enjoyed learning from all the girls I met during the entire trip. Having fun with all of these wonderful girls during the entire trip proved that language is not a barrier in gaining new good friends!


Photo from Peachy


We shared with each other our different cultures, traditions, and way of life. We also shared how each of us have our own little ways to make our communities better. We all face a lot of problems in our communities that can feel overwhelming, yet somehow, we are all creating solutions through our very on initiatives.


The HerStory Summit and the UN- CSW62 event has made me realize that age and life statuses are not the basis of inspiring other people.


I am so grateful that despite the hardships I have been through, I was fortunate that there were people who reached out and guided me. Although I was going through a lot, I was able to continue my studies, have nice clothes to wear, and I can be close to my loved ones while having a proper education. Project PEARLS has helped me reach my dreams and I will forever be grateful.

Who would have thought that a little girl living in a slum would step on the land of New York City? A few years ago, the only thing my family would think of was how to survive our daily lives. I was raised packing charcoal and picking nails in exchange for small amounts of money. My environment was a sea of garbage. Here I am now—a girl chosen to represent the Philippines for a global gathering: the HerStory Summit and UN – CSW!

Describing me as happy is an understatement. I am grateful for this opportunity and I am incredibly proud that I was able to share my own story to the world.


To all my fellow girls, my advice for you is this:

There are times in our lives in which situations have us feeling low. There will be struggles, suffering, and pain. We may feel weak. But do not give up. Instead of giving up, turn those problems into your inspiration to be braver.

Never lose hope. As many people say, where there is darkness, there will always be light. Someday soon, all of our hardships will be worth it.


I want to thank all the people who gave me the privilege to attend the HerStory Summit in New York City and experience this once in a lifetime event.

Thank you so much LitWorld , Global GLOW and HerStory for providing everything for the trip! From the food, accommodation, exciting activities and for boosting my confidence with all the cheers and most importantly, the trust and opportunity you have given me. I am forever grateful for this experience. To Pam Allyn, Kylie Schuyler and my entire Litworld , GLOW and HerStory families, thank you very much !


To my entire Project PEARLS family, thank you so much for inspiring girls like me. Thank you for helping me live my dreams. Because of Project PEARLS, I was able to aim high and dream even higher because I believe I will find ways to reach it.

To Ms. Melissa Villa, thank you for being my second mom. You are also a mother to hundreds of kids in need. Thank you so much for making us feel important and loved with your undying love, care, and support for all of us. Saying “thank you” will never be enough but we promise that we will give back by helping our own community and helping those who are in need with the best we can. We also pledge to finish our studies.

To Tita Marian and Tito Bob, thank you for choosing me as your scholar. I hope that you’ll never get tired of helping me with my studies and reaching out to others in need like me. Throughout the years – from grade school to now, in my senior year of high school—you were always there to support me. My grades may not be as high but you chose to support me and never give up on me. I promise to finish my education and to not disappoint you.

To Tita Cathy Baculi— thank you for always reminding me to pray and pray even harder during my tough times.

Thank you Ate Karen for molding me. You are such a good influence for us scholars. Thank you for boosting our confidence that we can use at school and every time I meet new people. You are such a big sister for all of us. Even though we don’t see each other as often, I know that you love me and the other LitGirls and we love you too!

Lastly, thank you to Tita Peachy Abellon. Every time I try to say thank you in person, I tend to get shy and lost for words. I’ve had the chance to spend more time with her during the New York trip, I can proudly say that she’s the best mom to her kids, wife to her husband, and a great Big Sister or Tita to all the kids/scholars of Project PEARLS including its volunteers and staff. I look up to her with so much love and respect. Thank you Tita Peachy for teaching me how to be practical in life, for giving me inspiration, and for always reminding me to be good, do good, and never waste this opportunity that was given to me.

Photo from Peachy (1)



Photo credits to:  Litworld, Global Glow and Herstory

Celebrating Father’s Day at Helping Land, Tondo


June 16, 2018 | Saturday

Helping Land, Tondo, Manila, Philippines


“One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessing in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.”

-Jim DeMint









Whatever term we use to call our Fathers, we honour all of them for this day’s Brain Booster Activity in Helping Land.


Kids showed their creativity in making special cards for their fathers.



IMG_7489 IMG_7490 IMG_7491


Some kids also made cards for their mothers who lovingly embrace the role of both mom and dad in their families. We were extra touched by our children’s recognition, appreciation and gratitude to their single mom this Father’s Day!


IMG_7479  IMG_7484 IMG_7485


And we in Project Pearls will always be hats off to all the parents whether mom or dad or guardians who take the full responsibility to bravely face the hardness of life just to establish, to protect and to take care – by all means their own families.



We deeply thank all our volunteers for today and also our anonymous sponsor for sharing her birthday blessings to the children of Helping Land.




To all individuals who live as a strong foundation of every family, Happy Father’s Day!