Project 50

“Project 50 is a very special project. I am turning 50 this coming May 11 and Mother’s Day falls on my birthday this year.

In celebration of and in thanksgiving for my 50th and Mother’s Day, we would like to treat 50 mothers from Ulingan.  These are the mothers of our PEARLS scholars.

These mothers are the hardest working moms making an honest living. They work in the most inhumane working environment so none of their children would die of starvation overnight; so that their children can go to school; so that somehow they can give their children a better future.

Most if not all, these mothers have never stepped into a restaurant and/or a theater. Their lives are more focused on their children’s daily survival. We would like to treat them to a nice buffet lunch, a movie and a bag of special treats.

Project PEARLS’ goal is to raise 50 $50 for 50 moms. We are hoping that this Mother’s Day, we can all pay tribute to our own mothers by giving these 50 Ulingan mothers a very special Mother’s Day they all deserve.

To learn more and to donate:

Thank you Sidney Snoeck for these beautiful photographs and thank you Kassandra Lorraine Tan Enrile for helping with this project !

– Melissa Villa, Project PEARLS Founder


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