Brgy. 105, Tondo Fire Relief Operation

We deeply thank everyone who supported our fire relief efforts.  Please see the report below showing the contributions and expenses for this emergency relief operation. 


The local government allowed the families to return and rebuild their homes at the same sites.  Those steel beams and remaining concrete from the burned buildings were mostly removed.  Manila mayor supplied these families with construction supplies (iron sheets, plywood, nails) but only to families who are registered residents and voters.  For families who didn’t get these supplies are rebuilding their homes out of scrap materials.


We deeply thank everyone for your contributions! Our special thanks goes to the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines and VP Leni Robredo for sending thousands of grocery items. Without all your help and support, this would not have been possible.

Besides for the clothes, we will be distributing the following items:

First Aid Kits:
15ml betadine, 30ml hydrogen peroxide, Cottonballs, 5 pcs Band-aid, 5 paracetamol tablets, 5 tablets neozep or generic equivalent, 3 tablets/capsules mefenamic acid, 30ml paracetamol syrup for kids, 2 packets hydrite /oral rehydration therapy
Gauze and micropore tape

5 Kilos Rice, Payless Chicken Noodles, Payless Chicken Beef, Those Days sanitary napkin, Bingo Corned Beef, 555 Tuna Mechado, 555 Tuna Adobo, 555 Tuna Afritada, 555 Tuna Caldereta, Energen Choco Powdered Drink, Energen Vanilla, Powdered Drink, Magic Flakes crackers, Pancit Canton


In light of this tragic event, we would like to thank everyone in helping them rebuild their homes, hopes and their lives. Our team of volunteers gave out a lot of relief items to almost 700 families affected last Monday, August 28.

These relief items are as follows: assorted clothes, underwear, footwear; assorted canned goods, instant noodles, champorado mix, juice, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sanitary napkins, diapers, shampoo, bath soap, detergent, plates, bowls, pail, spoons, forks, tumblers, towels, sleeping mats, blankets, bags, 2 meal sets from Bacolod Chicken Inasal, and many more.

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“A catastrophic fire hit the area around Barangay 105 in Tondo on Friday, leaving two children and one fireman dead, and robbing over 2000 families of their homes and the little possessions they had. This is the heartland of Project Pearls, and the very area where the charity is carrying out daily feeding programs for local children, as well as educational and medical missions. The fire has hit the area hard and the charity is currently asking for whatever help and support people can give, so some of the most unfortunate residents of Metro Manila get a chance to recover and rebuild.” – When in Manila

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