Dental Missions

Project PEARLS Dental Mission (and Lice Treatment)

We sincerely thank  Philippine Dental Association, Kalookan City Dental Chapter headed by dentist, Dr. Ariel for the continued support!

Dental Mission and Lice Treatment Dates:

We are always in need of dentists and the following medicines and supplies for our Dental Mission: Disposable cups (8 oz) Cotton balls 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Disposable gloves (Small) Disposable gloves (Medium) Topical anesthesia Disposable face mask Dental Anesthesia (carpules) Short Dental Needle (27G) Long Dental Needle (27G) Garbage bag (Medium) Small basin Waste bin Ballpen Prescription pad (plain) Sand Amoxicillin (suspension) Amoxicillin (250 mg capsule) Amoxicillin (500 mg capsule) Mefenamic acid (liquid) Mefenamic acid (250 mg tablet) Mefenamic acid (500 mg tablet) Paracetamol (liquid) Tranexamic acid (250 mg capsule) Tranexamic acid (500 mg capsule), xylocaine. Lidocaine hcl 2% epinephrine 1:100k injection.

To donate in-kind supplies, please email [email protected]  or you can donate funds for our Wound Care Program.  Please check our Donate page.

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