2018 Project PEARLS Christmas Events

December 22-24, 2018

Tondo, Manila and Batia, Bulacan, Philippines


We believe that the true essence of Christmas is giving.

Many of us celebrate this joyous season with our families over great meals and presents. To ensure impoverished families can celebrate too, we launched our annual Adopt-a-Family and Toy Drive campaigns.

The Adopt-a-Family program provides families with Noche Buena groceries for a Christmas meal and brand new toys for the kids. This year, we distributed enough Noche Buena packs to over 1500 families and toys for 4000 kids!

We were able to give to so many families because of generous sponsors, partners, donors and hardworking staff and volunteers. We can’t thank all of you enough! Our heartfelt gratitude goes to everyone who shared, donated, partnered and volunteered with us!


Here’s the series of events that we had this month:


December 22, 2018. Christmas Party for 2000 Tondo Kids.


Held at San Pablo Parish’s covered court in Tondo, one fine Saturday morning became a happy and blessed one for thousands of kids!

As early as seven in the morning, kids eagerly lined up outside the court.

The day started with the delegation of task to volunteers. Some volunteers would be handling at least 25 kids per group while the others would be assigned to the food and gifts distribution.

Thanks to all of our volunteers leading our kids, the entire program went smoothly.

We had the feeding, dance performances by our Helping Land LitClub members and scholars, and a serenading by Kundirana Music Ministry!

Lastly, before the kids went home, they received their gift of toys!

Thank you to all our amazing volunteers!




December 23, 2018. The Distribution of Noche Buena Packs in Tondo.


For this day, 800 families living in the slums of Tondo received their Noche Buena packs and 700 kids ages 0-5 received their toys!


Families fell in line properly and patiently waited for their turns to receive their Christmas packs.

Thank you to all our volunteers who assisted the families and were assigned per goods station to distribute.

Our gift-giving was a success! We were able to run the whole activity again smoothly.

Kudos to all our hardworking volunteers!



December 24, 2018. The Distribution of Noche Buena Packs and Toys in Bulacan.


One day before Christmas and we’re still not yet done in spreading PEARLS on earth!

For this day on our adopted community in Batia, Bulacan, we gave Noche Buena packs to 500 families and toys to 1000 kids.


Just like in Tondo, we also had performances by the kids, scholars and even community volunteers.

And then feeding.

Finally, before all went home, families received their Christmas packs and the kids had their brand new toys!

Job well done today, volunteers!


And of course, one huge thank you to Founder Melissa Villa for having such a big heart for the poor. Thank you so much for spearheading and managing all our programs and events!

To every individual, groups or companies who joined our yearly holiday tradition, by “adopting” a family this holiday for only $20 or PHP 1000; we were able to share with the people in deep need the true magic and spirit of Christmas. Adopted families received Holiday Food Pack for their Christmas and New Year’s Day meals. We also shared some happiness to kids as they had their new toys! For many children in the communities we serve, Project PEARLS is their only source of gifts for the holidays.

And to all our staffs, Admins and events management team, we cannot thank enough everyone who’s behind and in front of the scenes for making all of these possible!


Thank you all and it was a blessed season indeed!

More photos of the events are on our official Facebook page. www.facebook.com/projectpearls1


Thank you so much to our great photographer-volunteers, Sidney Snoeck and Rita Dela Cruz.

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