MassKara Day!


Project Pearls Brain Booster

October 27,2018 | Saturday

Helping Land, Tondo, Manila, Philippines


It was ‘Masskara’ Day for this happy Saturday morning  in Helping Land, Tondo!

But before our colorful Brain Booster activity happened, the kids had their breakfast of a hearty and nutritious meal first.

Thank you volunteers for all the assistance needed!


The MassKara Festival  is an annual festival held every fourth Sunday of October in the province of Bacolod, Philippines.

The word “Masskara” means “A Multitude of Faces”. It came from the words ‘Mass’ that means multitude of people and ‘Cara’ which refers to face. The word is also a pun on maskara, a Filipino word for mask. Masks are the prominent feature of the festival and are always adorned with smiling faces, giving rise to Bacolod being called the “City of Smiles”.


Volunteers assisted the kids on making their own glittery, feathery and colorful masks.


Thank you so much Ana Constantino for sponsoring today’s feeding and thank you so much to all our volunteers for this happy Saturday morning!

Thank you also to Regi and Sean Antoinette for all the clothes donation!

Photos by: Ron Jason Pascual

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