Let’s Play Beach Volley!


Project Pearls Brain Booster

April 23, 2017


Helping Land, Tondo, Manila


For this day’s Brain Booster Activity, the kids had fun while playing volleyball! Yes, it was beach volley time by the courtyard.



We boosted their energy first.



After the feeding, a story-telling for the kids was then held and was led by our Brain Booster Coordinator, Ate Christine Sim. The story was about a chubby boy who never got a leading role on all the school plays he joined. He was always the villain.


But even though, he was fat and used to play villain’s roles he was always kind, helpful and good boy.

The moral of the story was that we shouldn’t judge people based on physical looks and the kids knew it. They actively participated to our question and answer portion after the story telling.

After that, kids were then ready to get physical! They enjoyed playing beach volley with the guidance of our volunteers. We taught them some rules, background or some basic knowledge about volleyball before letting them play. So, yes! It was literally a beach volley day by the courtyard and just right as a perfect timing for the summer season.


Kids were divided into group of eight and four per team. We then have the scoring so we could distinguish who will be the winners. Winners of course got some chocolates and candies as prizes.


This day’s feeding sponsor was the Tradewings Travel and Tours Corp.

Thank you so much for your nonstop support at Project Pearls. God bless you!

IMG_7705 IMG_7712

And lastly, thank you volunteers!






Photo Credits to our photographer volunteers: Rita Dela Cruz and Sidney Snoeck.

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