Crepe Paper Art


Project PEARLS Brain Booster

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Helping Land, Tondo, Manila, Philippines



A child’s creativity will always be limitless.



We can testify to that.

Kids’ imaginations and creativity will always be beyond borders. Yes, we give them instructions of what to do and yet they will exceed our expectations of what should be their outputs.  For this day’s Brain Booster activity, we used different colors of crepe papers cut into different shapes as paints and as design molders.

IMG_5153 IMG_5154 IMG_5155 IMG_5156 IMG_5157


Each kid was given a whole sheet of blank paper to put on their artistic sides.

And here are the results:

IMG_5159 IMG_5160 IMG_5161 IMG_5162 IMG_5166


Truly, child’s arts would always amaze us. Little did they know that these little artful things they did are unique and wonderful. Great job, kids! We will always be beyond proud to all of you!

Thank you, Mister Brian Lim and Family for sponsoring today’s feeding!


And thank you so much for the usual assistance and labor of love, volunteers!






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