The Meaning of Christmas For Our PEARLS Scholars


Project Pearls After School Program

Dec. 4, 2016


Helping Land, Tondo, Manila, Philippines



It has been a creative and colorful Sunday for our PEARLS Scholars this day.

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What they did were mini-posters which illustrate the meaning of Christmas for them. For the kids, Christmas symbolizes the Holy Family that consists of Mary, Joseph and Jesus. For some, it is the colorful Christmas trees with gifts underneath and to some it is simply the birth of our Lord Jesus.



A group of Political Science students of Adamson University also joined us for this day. They sang, danced and played and learned with the kids. And we can say that they enjoyed this Sunday morning together with the kids of Helping Land, Tondo.



We’ve got the chance to hear some of their amazing feed backs for today’s outreach:

“This was a happy experience for me! It was tiring but it’s alright and everything is worth it. We enjoyed being volunteers! The bonding with kids was extra-ordinary. I saw a hope from them because of what they are now. I hope that this is not the last time that we can be volunteers. Thank you, Project Pearls.” -Joie Elaiza Monedo


“Being a volunteer was tiring. But seeing the children smile, being tired was worth it. Even though they live in that kind of environment, the kids are well mannered and smart and that is thanks to the Project Pearls. I’m glad I was able to participate in this outreach.” – Jessica Villena


“I came to realize that acknowledging the presence of the less fortunate ones being as part of the society is not enough. But it is important that we communicate and interact with them to better understand their state and well being.” -Justin Aure


“I was reminded that what we see with our bare eyes is not enough for us to understand the true condition of our country. I was once again given the opportunity to lend my ears to listen to the little voices of these kids about their lives. I was also able to extend my hands to them with the help of Project PEARLS and share with them a genuine love. Those kids are our nation’s future but how can they truly live out their purpose as our hope if they were also not given the privilege they should have? I’ve proved to myself that we as youth should be indulge in programs like this for the world truly needs us. Programs that Project Pearls provides touches live.

The kids’ genuine joy of receiving little help is definitely contagious and fulfilling” -J.L.




Dearest young people or so we called as ‘millenials’ nowadays,

Thank you so much to all your heartwarming messages and to your share of effort, love and time for this day’s outreach. Our world is not yet a hopeless case because of you. We can still do more and this is just the start of a battle for a better future for all of us. Let’s lift up each other’s spirits to do more great things for the goodness of everyone specially those who are truly in need.

Love, Project Pearls.



Gifts and snacks were given to the kids as take homes which were sponsored by these ADMU students.


Thank you for today, Team ASP and ADMU PolSci students! The kids had a blast for this day!




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