Saturday Feeding and Fun with Tradewings

Project Pearls Brain Booster
Dec. 10, 2016
Helping Land, Tondo, Manila



For this day’s outreach, Tradewings Travel and Tours once again sponsored the feeding of our PEARLS children.

Thank you so much for your continued support, Tradewings! We are humbled in partnering with you. Once a month, they sponsor a feeding and we will always be beyond grateful.

After the feeding, Brain Booster activity followed. Kids were told to do some Christmas stars and Christmas balls out of colored cut papers for decorations. Ate Karen Viel instructed the kids on how they were going to do it.


Kids creativity were boosted once again as they were able to produce different, colorful and unique Christmas decors! Truly we can say that our PEARLS kids are always getting out of the box! Some of the kids made Christmas balls and Christmas stars much different yet more beautiful than what were being instructed for them to do!

A simple one they have turned to be extra beautiful.

img_9560 img_9561 img_9578


We will always be proud of our PEARLS Children.





Thank you for today, volunteers! Thank you so much for assisting the kids and for spending some time with them.






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