Feeding and Registration Day at Helping Land, Tondo

Dec. 3, 2016


Helping Land, Tondo, Manila, Philippines


Last Sunday of November we had the initial registration for the families of Helping Land, Tondo who will attend and will be given some toys and gifts for the Project Pearls Annual Christmas party. Almost 500 families had registered.



And for this day, we had an additional of almost 100 families to be included for this year’s Christmas party!



But before that, a usual feeding for the kids held first wherein as early as seven o’clock in the morning, more than 300 kids lined up outside our courtyard to have their breakfast and probably their most decent meal for the day.

img_9728 img_9729

After eating, kids went out of the courtyard with cupcakes on their hands as their take homes and the parents went in for the registration.

img_9713 img_9715



Thank you for the usual assistance, Saturday volunteers!


We would also like to acknowledge Ogilvy & Mather Philippines for volunteering today and for bringing some groceries for donation and cupcakes for the kids as take home gifts!

img_9712 img_9716



Thank you so much!

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