Learning and Fun Never Stops at Helping Land

Project Pearls After School Program

September 10, 2016


Helping Land, Tondo, Manila, Philippines




It was another fun time of feeding and learning at Helping Land, Tondo, Manila once again. 


Close to 300 kids gathered and properly fell in line outside the courtyard as early as eight in the morning. 


Every volunteer was then become so busy. They prepared the food, while the kids eagerly waited for them to get finished. 



After a few minutes, kids and volunteers happily celebrated that fine Sunday morning inside the courtyard. The day started with a short prayer then it became a morning of dancing, singing and fun, fun, fun!

 13243703_1471259026234414_6534505818233016810_oFeeding was then followed. Volunteers became busy again assisting the kids that were assigned to them. 

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Thank you, Kuya Juan for the delicious champorado and bread! 




To most of these kids, this meal they had at the courtyard could possibly be the only decent meal they will be having for the day.


Please support our daily feeding program. We know that it is impossible that we can prevent every child to die from hunger and malnutrition all over the country or even the whole world. But at least we are doing something. This may be a “one child at a time” process but this is already a ‘one’ big step forward for a better change.


If we can’t change the world, then let us be the changes that we wanted to happen. 



Back to our courtyard, when the kids were done eating their breakfast, they were told to fall in line again outside.  They were arranged according to their grade level and each volunteer was given the task to handle two to three kids to teach. Volunteer-teachers were also given a manual or hand-out that they were going to use as the medium of teaching for their students. 

The subject for this day was still English Reading. The teachers’ main task was to let their students read on their own and comprehend on what they have red. 

 When the tables and chairs were re-arranged, the kids then entered the courtyard again. They sit to the chairs where they were used to while their teachers were already sitting and waiting for them. Teachers welcomed them with big smiles.  The whole courtyard became a huge classroom once again. It then became a matter of give and take. The students were reading while the teachers were listening. If there were words that cannot be red or understood by the students, teachers held a helping hand and guided them.

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We hope that after this whole session, the kids learned something new again. 


What we truly aim in the After School Program is to help, inspire and motivate our PEARLS Scholars to excel in their academics. We strongly believe that if they will be able to have good grades at school, they will be more proud and believe in themselves that someday they can make it, they can reach their dreams, step out of poverty and have a better life. We always encourage them that they can be successful in the near future no matter how hard their current life is. 


It will still be a long way to go and they need us. 


Please support our scholars by giving them the gift of encouragement and education. 


To sponsor a scholar, you may e-mail us at [email protected]



Change a life. Change yours.







Thank you so much, volunteers!



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