The Survivors

Many of those without a home— from infants to elderly and those with special needs— find refuge in Hospicio de San Jose. Among the many Hospicio opens its welcoming arms to, we particularly came for the survivors from Typhoon Yolanda.

The turmoil Yolanda burdened upon the Pilipinas, especially on Tacloban, is indescribable.  Hearing all these stories, seeing it on the news, I did not know what to expect when going to Hospicio considering the refugees were from Tacloban.

Yet, like the Bulacan children energizing us with hugs, the families’ warmth got us through the day. I’m having a hard time writing this post, to be honest with you, because I am in awe. For people who just lost so much, they are by far the sweetest and most grateful families I have ever met.

We provided lunch and Christmas presents for everyone while all us volunteers sang with the families.

I wish I took more pictures but this little boy named Raver kept cooking for me with his toys. Even when we gave out food to everyone and I told him to eat, he would give me his plastic carrots and peppers and tell me to eat.

When our program with the Yolanda Survivors was done, we headed over to the Lolas to provide them lunch for the day too. These strong-spirited Lolas are all around 80-90’s years old. Don’t let the age fool you! One of them told my mom she still has a boyfriend (little does the caretaker know that she was talking about him lol)

I may have walked in Hospicio heavy-hearted, knowing that the residents were displaced either by their families’ or by nature’s force but I walked out feeling blessed to be in the presence of such strong spirits.


– Francesca, PEARLS co-founder

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