Project Pearls Brain Booster

Feb. 4, 2017


Batia, Bocaue, Bulacan, Philippines


There is never too early for Valentines because as long as we love and care for each other for every day of our lives, every single day is Happy Hearts’ Day!


For this morning’s Brain Booster activity, our PEARLS kids at Batia, Bulacan became busy creating colorful paper hearts!

Our volunteers explained to them of what they were going to do.


From nursery students to high school and even our LitClub members, everyone felt the season of this love month. They were all so eager to make their individual hearts colorful, unique and artistic.

16463741_10154990912202905_2855328600903556106_o 16487167_10154990911642905_364911578748276792_o

Everyone went home not only bringing the hearts they made for their loved ones but they also brought home some wide smiles pasted on their faces.

Another day was filled with new knowledge and fun engagement in Arts and Crafts once again.


Thank you ESPA-FIL for the juices!




And thank you Grade 1 to 3 students of Makati Hope Christian School for the gifts of our top scholars! They became more inspired to study well!

16487509_10154990924297905_563533085290935234_o 16487785_10154990922477905_7097888951739720476_o

16587201_10154990906857905_3135864363795338626_o 16587363_10154990922317905_1268252297268101439_o

Thanks to all our volunteers that assisted them and prepared the food for the kids as well.




Let there be more Love on earth!



Math Time and Blessed Day in One


Project Pearls After School Program

January 29, 2017


Helping Land, Tondo, Manila



“This is only a reminder that we should always feel blessed and grateful of the people extending their simple acts of kindness to those who need it the most.”

–Volunteer-teacher Kerbianca Beech



Another Sunday morning was filled with learning and fun as our PEARLS scholars learned something new again this day.


It was still Math time for our kids. We know that Mathematics is really a hard subject and many of our students are struggling in this. That’s why we wanted to help them in improving their knowledge and standing in school with regards to this subject. We’ve decided to focus on their weaknesses so someday, this could be their strengths.


IMG_0824 IMG_0825 IMG_0829


Our volunteer-teacher Kerby Beech for more than a year shared her experience to us for this Sunday morning at ASP.

“Teaching minds, touching hearts, transforming lives. These are the goals we always try to achieve every Sunday on the After School Program. But unlike any other Sundays, we did not only covered lessons in school, the Pearls kids also welcomed Isabella, our food sponsor for this day, as she celebrated her birthday at Helping Land. This is only a reminder that we should always feel blessed and grateful of the people extending their simple acts of kindness to those who need it the most.”


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and time and love for the kids, Teacher Kerby!


Thank you also to Grau Family for sponsoring today’s feeding and for choosing to spend Isabella’s special day with the PEARLS kids. May our God will bless your family more! And happy birthday, Isabella. Truly, you are so blessed for having a great family and for being a blessing to many kids as well.

And lastly but definitely will never be the least, thank you, volunteer-teachers a.k.a. Team ASP!







“How Our PEARLS Kids Celebrated the Chinese New Year”


Project Pearls Brain Booster

January 28, 2017


Helping Land, Tondo, Manila, Philippines


“The feeling of being needed makes me alive. I feel like I can do everything for them.”

-Ms. Gladys, one of our feeding sponsors, UPLB Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority member



Kung Hei Fat Choi!


January 28, 2017 was the declared Chinese New Year of this year and we in Project Pearls had a unique style on celebrating this very special day for our Chinese friends the artful way!

The morning started with the usual feeding routine and was followed by the favorite part of our kids- the Brain Booster!

Since today we celebrate the Chinese New Year, we had some learning about their language. Ate Christine, our Brain Booster coordinator taught the kids how to count using the Mandarin language. She even let the kids trace and write these numbers on a paper.

IMG_1364 (3)

We felt that while learning new things again for this day, the kids enjoyed their lessons as well. Some of them were even reciting the foreign speaking numbers to their seats!

After the short yet fun and enjoyable teachings, the kids then created colorful Chinese paper lanterns! Their creativity and fun engagement in Arts and Crafts were boosted once again!

IMG_1358 IMG_1359 (2) IMG_1361

“Kung Hei Fat Choi!”

Some of the kids greeted each other while doing their own Chinese lanterns. Smiles were on their faces as if they were so happy with this day’s celebration.



Thank you so much to our sponsor for this day, UPLB Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority.

IMG_1363 IMG_1365


Ms. Gladys, one of our sponsors, shared her experience at Project Pearls through the social media:

IMG_1367 IMG_1368

Thank you, Miss Gladys!



And to our volunteers for this day, thank you also!



Being lucky in life depends on our hearts. As long as we are happy sharing the love with others then we are more than fortunate enough.


May the luckiness of this year will be with us all!


“The Gift of Bread”


Project Pearls After School Program

January 22, 2017


Helping Land, Tondo, Manila, Philippines



“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”

-Mahatma Gandhi



Aside from the usual feeding and After School Program for this Sunday morning, some of our volunteers roamed around Helping Land and Aroma to distribute boxes of breads!


While the other half set of volunteers were busy teaching our PEARLS kids the Math subject, some were scattered around the slum community of Tondo to give breads to everybody!

IMG_1351 IMG_1353 IMG_1354

Kids actively listened to their volunteer-teachers about their lessons. And at the same time that our PEARLS kids were having class, volunteers outside the courtyard did a great job in making everyone smile.

IMG_1347 IMG_1350 IMG_1355 (1)

Kids and adults fell in line to have bread as their breakfast. As they got their shares, smiles on their faces were traceable. Little did they know that we were more than happy on seeing them smile.


And we couldn’t thank enough our sponsors.


Thank you so much, Caress Banson for the undying support on our mission. They donated more than ten boxes of different breads for everyone!


Thank you also for this day’s list of feeding sponsors:

  • Mendoza Family
  • Sy-Tan Family
  • Yang Family
  • Jusi Family
  • Claudio Family



And to our volunteers, hugs of bottomless thanks are for all of you!



ASP: Fun Board Games Part 2


After School Program

January 15, 2017


Helping Land, Tondo, Philippines



“Always remember to find happiness in small things because that will make your day fulfilling. A Sunday morning worth spending!”

~ Volunteer-teacher Emar Viloria


It’s was the round two of fun board games with our PEARLS Scholars at Helping Land!



For our After School Program activity this Sunday morning, the day started with an opening prayer, then followed by sing and dance with the kids and volunteers and finally, the feeding time!

After the feeding, it was board games day once again with our PEARLS Scholars. We knew that they had fun last week so that’s we’ve decided to extend their enjoyment!

The volunteers once again played tactically with the kids. They were all thinking hard while having fun! Surely, they never got bored playing the chess, Dama, Snakes and Ladders, Stacko/ Jenga, Dominos and such.

IMG_1336 IMG_1338 IMG_1339 IMG_1340

Before the children went home, toys donated by our food sponsors were given to them.


One of our regular and hardworking volunteers shared his experience to us for this Sunday morning. He is Teacher Ram and a volunteer of Project Pearls After School Program for more than a year already! Every Sunday morning, he always makes time to be with the kids of Helping Land.


Here’s what he said, “After School Program last Sunday was full of fun and surprises. The event started with the preparation of the breakfast soup and salad sponsored by Art Relief Mobile Kitchen. After the volunteer’s orientation, the kids entered the courtyard with full of enthusiasm and looked for their thrones. We started the event with a prayer to give thanks for all the blessings that the kids will receive that day. Followed by an energizer, the weekly dance segment. The After School Program event will not be completed without it, because everyone loves to see the kids and volunteers grooving.

After all the weekly ritual, the scholars remained to learn and have fun while playing educational board games. To sum it all, it was a great new experience for us, the volunteers, because once again we became an instrument of joy, hope and love. Always remember to find happiness in small things because that will make your day fulfilling. A Sunday morning worth spending!”


Thank you so much for the love, Teacher Ram. May you never get tired being an angel to kids in need.


And thank you for this day’s sponsor, ART RELIEF MOBILE KITCHEN!


Thank you, too volunteers!








Let’s all be the start of change what we wanted the world to be.


“The Happy Boodle Fight Feeding at Batia, Bulacan”


Project Pearls Brain Booster

January 14, 2017

Batia, Bocaue, Bulacan, Philippines




Our Project Pearls founder, Miss Melissa Villa would never run out of crazy yet super fun ideas.

For this day’s outreach at Batia, Bulacan – the kids had their first-time experience of Boodle fight eating style during the feeding activity! And we may say that they had so much fun.


Boodle fight is a military style of eating and considered as a symbol of brotherhood and equality among Filipino military by sharing the same food without regard to rank. The food is served and spread on top of banana leaves and is eaten with bare hands.


The day started with our Brain Booster activity that was led by Ate Christine, our Brain Booster coordinator. What they did was a wishing star wand.


Inside the cut-out star, the kids wrote their New Year’s resolution and designed is a star wand. Kids’ creativity were boosted once again.


And we do hope that all their wishes inside the star that they wanted to happen in their lives this year will all come true.


May all the wishing stars be with our little hopeful ones!


Kids who are in the younger age had a coloring activity of New Year’s hats and volunteers assisted them.



After these activities, the kids were all ready to eat the boodle fight way!


Food were prepared on a long table and the kids went around the table to eat.


Thank you, Tradewings Travel and Tours for sponsoring today’s outreach.

Today may be a little different of how our kids eat their food but in the end, they all enjoyed it and it was a new experience for them.

Before the child went home, toys and clothes were given to them as take away gifts. Thank you, Mister Adrian Soco for all the donations! May God will bless you more because of your undying kindness.


Thank you also for the hard work today, volunteers!


And lastly but not the least, to our Founder, Miss Melissa Villa, thank you so much for this crazy yet once in a while wonderful experience for our PEARLS kids.




LitClub Update: Getting Ready for #WRAD


“In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things, does the heart find its morning and is refreshed.” -Khalil Gibran


It’s Friendship week on our countdown and the World Read Aloud Day is almost there on February 16!

Are we all ready to read and share stories together with our awesome friends?

We definitely are and we hope you all are too! 😄


#litworld #projectpearls #wrad17

Birthday Fun with Ate Christine



Project Pearls Brain Booster

January 7, 2017


Helping Land, Tondo, Manila, Philippines





It is always fulfilling to see the kids learn and finish their activities every Saturday. I’m grateful as well that my mom and I got to share our blessings even for a day and I hope many more people do the same as well, because there is still a lot of work to do.”

Christine Sim, Project Pearls Brain Booster Coordinator


It’s our first Brain Booster for this year! And we are so happy to celebrate this very special day with our Brain Booster coordinator, Ate Christine Sim! It’s her birthday and she chose to spend her day with our PEARLS kids.

Ate Christine has been part of Project Pearls for almost two years already and she never stops showering the kids of love, knowledge, and fun engagement in Arts and Crafts.

IMG_1087 IMG_1088 IMG_1092 IMG_1094

Before the feeding activity started, some of the children has a special dance number dedicated for her. And we can proudly say that we have a bunch of talented kids at Helping Land! Keep it up for we couldn’t be any prouder, little ones!


Ate Christine then came in front to give a special message for the children she loves and spends her Saturday morning with. Her birthday wish was simple. And that for the kids to finish their studies and be less naughty. She also thanked everyone who has been part of her volunteering life.


Deep in her heart, she wishes the kids to have a better life someday.

In this write up she did, we can feel her sincerity and overflowing love.


“I first saw Project Pearls’ website when I was in college. I was also part of an organization that catered to unprivileged kids back then, and we were finding partner organizations. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to contact them. Sometime after college, I stumbled across Project Pearls’ page and saw that they were looking for a brain booster program coordinator, someone who wanted to teach art to kids every Saturday. I loved art and kids so I quickly applied, and very thankfully, I got accepted. Thus, the start of my Project Pearls’ journey.

When I first stepped in Helping Land, I was very overwhelmed with what I saw- extreme poverty. It was one thing to see people dig for food from the trashes when you’re watching TV, but it was another thing when you actually see it firsthand. Despite their situation, the people at Helping Land still smiled, and it was then and there that I realized that happiness is in not based on the circumstance that you are in. I was so happy that my mom and I got to sponsor one feeding session for the kids. Even though I wasn’t able to attend the same session that we sponsored, I was there last Saturday, January 7, a day after, which was my real birthday. The Saturday feeding program and brain booster session started with feeding the kids. There was a dance number presented by the kids after. The activities for the day followed, which were coloring for the little kids and making of new year’s resolution-themed crafts and mosaic art for the older ones. I asked the kids to write what they wanted to change about themselves this year. I saw one kid that wrote down, “Hindi na ako magiging pasaway”. It is always fulfilling to see the kids learn and finish their activities every Saturday. I’m grateful as well that my mom and I got to share our blessings even for a day and I hope many more people do the same as well, because there is still a lot of work to do.”

-Christine Sim, Project Pearls’ Brain Booster Coordinator


Happy, happy birthday, Ate Christine! And thank you so much for all the love, care, time and effort you shared with the kids! We hope and we pray that abundance of greater love will fill your life. Thank you for sponsoring yesterday’s daily soup kitchen feeding!


We would also like to acknowledge this day’s volunteers and sponsors as well.




Thank you, Mr. Brian Lim and family for sponsoring today’s feeding!











VP Leni visits Helping Land, Tondo


VP Leni visited Helping Land, Tondo to personally see the community, and to know firsthand the needs of the residents.
In August 2016, Vice President Leni Robredo visited the relocation village of St. Martha Subdivision in Brgy. Batia, Bocaue, Bulacan. In this event, the residents had the chance to voice out the challenges in the community. Lack of employment opportunities, absence of health care clinics, and problem with water facilities are among the top concerns of the locals. Four months later, when Project PEARLS paid a courtesy visit in the Office of the Vice President, one of the first things that she told us was, “Good news, maaayos na ang tubig sa Brgy. Batia.” (“Good news, the water problem in Brgy. Batia will be fixed soon.”) We did not expect her to solve this problem right away, but she made it one of her priorities.
Project PEARLS paid a courtesy visit in the Office of the Vice President last December 21, 2016.
During the visit in Brgy. Batia, Project PEARLS also had the honor to welcome VP Leni in our Learning Center. She was warmly received by our Nursery scholars and LitMoms. Aside from showcasing the scholars’ talent and Moms’ livelihood projects, we also showed VP Leni some photos of Helping Land, Tondo. The pictures of children smiling in a place where poverty is too obvious in every corner probably had a strong impact on her. She promised us that she will also visit Helping Land to see firsthand the challenges in the community. We were excited for this but at the same time, we did not have high hopes that it will actually happen. Yet, it happened today – January 12, 2017.
VP Leni in Helping Land
Together with Brgy. 105 Council, led by Chairwoman Elenita Reyes, Project PEARLS welcomed VP Leni in Helping Land, Tondo. Helping Land is located between Happy Land and Aroma, and is part of the so-called “Temporary Housing” in Tondo, Manila. It was supposed to be the temporary relocation of the families from Smokey Mountain which was closed in mid-1990s, thus the name “Temporary Housing.” But twenty years later, the temporary became permanent – permanent poverty and permanent dilapidated buildings. Most of the families rely on scavenging from garbage as their livelihood. Chairwoman Reyes also told VP Leni that the residents are burdened with an expensive water source.
Brgy. 105 Chairwoman Elenita Reyes leads VP Leni to the community of Helping Land, Tondo.
The program proper was held at the Project PEARLS courtyard. The program started with a welcome message by Chairwoman Reyes. After that, VP Leni was introduced to the mothers of the infants who are part of the Project PEARLS’ Feeding Program. We also discussed the other programs of Project PEARLS such as Scholarship, LitClub, and Health Clinic.
VP Leni gives a message to the residents of Helping Land. (photo courtesy of the Office of the Vice President)
Walking around the community and interacting with the residents have shown VP Leni the urgent concerns that need to be addressed. Among these are: new housing facilities, concrete pathways, cheaper water source, and stronger nutrition program for the children. These goals will not be achieved without the collective effort of the local and national government, and the NGOs working in the community. Project PEARLS will be closely working with the government to deliver better services for the children in poverty.
VP Leni talks to a Mother in one of the buildings in Temporary Housing.
VP Leni was overwhelmed to personally see the evident poverty in the community. But more than that, she was surprised to see the warm smiles and hospitality from the residents. Their resilience and optimism were enough to inspire her to start the massive work ahead.
VP Leni and Chairwoman Elenita Reyes with the volunteers of Project PEARLS, and representatives of Young Focus, another NGO working in Tondo, Manila.
It’s only the second week of 2017, but we know – we are claiming it – that great things are about to happen! Together, let’s change the world – one child at a time!

Something Fun This Sunday For Our Pearls Scholars


Project Pearls After School Program

Jan. 8, 2017


Helping Land, Tondo, Manila, Philippines



“It’s truly a very humbling experience with Project Pearls. A beautiful reminder that the blessings we receive are meant to be shared.”

-Volunteer-teacher Catherine Anne Cuba


Happy New Year!

It’s a brand-new year and today is the first After School Program of 2017! Sunday morning will not be complete for these more than 200 hopeful youths if they wouldn’t be with our ever- hardworking volunteer-teachers. Sundays mean learning something new while having fun!


For this day, after the feeding activity, kids were divided according to grade level and two volunteer-teachers were assigned per group.

The kids played different board and educational games like chess, dama, memory card games, snakes and ladders, domino, stackers and the likes.

Through this activity, kids were able to think logically and to think of different tactics or strategies to win the games they were engaged of.

15894712_1621941304499518_1539885408403636851_n 15895086_1621942887832693_1955602299102978663_n 15940600_1621944331165882_1735623871671816390_n 15940759_1621939701166345_4279740074969890413_n 15940958_1621941774499471_6818945499633723314_n

Our Sunday morning were quite simple and yet the kids enjoyed it!

Thank you so much to all our sponsors who donated these wonderful board games!

One of our ASP volunteers shared her experience for today, “It’s another day for smiles and laughter! It’s truly a very humbling experience with Project PEARLS. A beautiful reminder that the blessings we receive are meant to be shared. I hope that through the food sharing and learning sessions, the kids may be inspired to pursue a better life and hold a positive outlook. Despite their living circumstances, may they find happiness, feel loved and enjoy life with the help of Project PEARLS.”


Thank you so much, Cath! We are so grateful for having you here at Project Pearls!

And to all our volunteer-teachers, thank you for all your unconditional and selfless love for the kids. We hope that all throughout the year, you will never get tired giving some time and care for those in need.

15894616_1621947684498880_633175761081399074_n 15940409_1621939774499671_8533777831599049787_n




More photos are on our Facebook page: