Project Pearls

Helping Land, Tondo, Manila, Philippines

June 24, 2017




“A Volunteer is a Love in Motion.”




This Saturday morning in Helping Land, Tondo was extra special because we celebrated the birthday of our ever dearest Kuya Juan! Kids went to our feeding courtyard wearing their best attire because it was party time!!!

IMG_0263 IMG_0264


After the feeding, the children actively participated in parlor games. Special prizes were given to winners.


IMG_0265 IMG_0266   IMG_0269


As a way of appreciating Kuya Juan’s everyday presence in their lives, some of the kids had a dance performance for our birthday celebrant.



Good job, kids! Such cuties!




Everyone was also treated with a magic show!

IMG_0256 IMG_0257 IMG_0259


Before they went home, everyone was given Makati fish crackers, Alaska condensed creamers, fortified rice-soy meals, backpacks, toys and clothes.

Thank you so much to our donors!

IMG_0236 IMG_0260


And, another thank you to all our volunteers who were behind this successful event.


Lastly, but definitely not the least, thank you so much for the love, Kuya Juan!




Thank you for waking up early in the morning to cook and feed these hundreds of children every day. We pray and hope that you’ll always have an energized body and a sound mind to keep you going. Thank you for being a blessing to all of us!

Project Pearls will not be where it is now without your tireless dedication and personal sacrifices.



And here a little message from our beloved birthday celebrant:

“Thank you so much to all the people who attended my birthday celebration. I’m amazed with all the kids and their parents and co-volunteers who joined me this day. Thank you also to my sister, Melissa who supports me all through out. She’s always been there for me and I hope that God will always guide us. May we surpassed all the trials and problems that will come along our way. Hugs for everyone and One Love!”

-Kuya Juan


Happy happy birthday Kuya Juan! We all love you!


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