Christmas Toy Drive and Adopt-A-Family: A PEARLS Yearly Tradition

Christmas is for all the families around the globe with or without the capacity to spend for it.

As of this year, according to World Bank, 20 million Filipinos are at or below the poverty line. On average, each poor family has projected earnings of $3.20 per day.


But many of our families living in poor communities like in Tondo, Manila earn less than $3.20 a day! With this small amount for an average of 4-8 members of the family, we definitely know that this is not enough to buy decent and full meals every day.

So why would they bother to have a Noche Buena to celebrate Christmas and get new toys for the kids? For them, this could be considered as a luxury already and will cost them a huge percentage of the money they earn.

We may not be able to help all these 20 million Filipinos but at least we’re doing our best to reach out to a small percentage of them and let them have a decent meal for the holiday. We are humbled to do it one step at a time. 

We distribute Noche Buena Packs to hundreds of families living in extreme poverty and thousands of kids are excited to receive new toys at Christmas.

Their smiles are our treasures. Their happiness is our achievement.

We are sharing with you some of our past Christmas Toy Drives and Adopt A Pearls Family campaigns. This is how we celebrate Christmas and how we end the final days of the year serving our communities. 

December has always been our busiest month and we love it! Since the start of Project Pearls, the holiday season celebrations have been one of our major projects.

Below is a selection of photos from our past holiday events.

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2017

Christmas 2018

We can’t wait for our Christmas distribution this year!

We thank every volunteer and staff who’s been part of our December’s crazy and busy schedule.

To all the donors and sponsors who made our distributions possible, we can’t thank you enough and we will be forever grateful!

Every year we have increased the numbers of families and kids receiving the blessings of Christmas they deserve. It is challenging and yet fulfilling.

For this year, our goal is to serve to at least 1500 families and 5000 children. For the first time, we will be including homeless children and families in Manila.

And we need generous souls like you to spread a merrier Christmas!

There are several ways to send in your donations: 

To “Adopt a Family”, you can send in your donations through our secure crowdfunding page



Bank Deposit to any BPI Branch

Account Name: Project Pearls, Inc.

Account #4251-00- 8189 (Checking)

Please email a photo of the deposit slip to [email protected]


Checks should be made payable to Project Pearls, Inc. and mailed to:


1755 Clay Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

For credit card donations via PayPal.

Help us make our yearly tradition of letting these families and children feel the true spirit of Christmas happen.

By sharing a small amount of money, you will touch lives and your life will be changed forever. 

Photos by: Rita Dela Cruz, Sidney Snoeck, Jayr Panagsagan, etc. (Thank you!)

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